1. Ambient symphonies for neon lights
    Elastic Colors

  2. Camouflage
    Ninja from the future

  3. Self industries
    Andrea Castiglioni

  4. Aetherealism
    Abandoned bokeh

  5. What a simple day Mr Frog (re-mastered)
    Earthquake Island

  6. Never ending neck (re-mastered)
    Earthquake Island

  7. Shake (re-mastered)
    Earthquake Island

  8. Keihin Tohoku Loops
    Mountain Hands

  9. Code name : Golden butterfly
    Ninja from the future

  10. FORSAKEN 3000
    Pravi Lopov

  11. Ex Voto

  12. Nearly Inaudible Shapes

  13. Seral

  14. Chances
    Demetrio Cecchitelli

  15. Ambient symphonies from the sprawl
    Elastic colors

  16. TOKYO in 5 chapters (OST)
    Emiliano Ruggiero

  17. Eureka
    Tape Sounds

  18. A Club Called Genius
    human language

  19. Gaa dune
    Ninja from the future

  20. Muse
    Kenda Sky

  21. For a language to come
    Andrea Castiglioni

  22. Textures
    Antoine Prost

  23. Yamanote loops
    Mountain Hands

  24. 8:46

  25. You're searching for nothing
    Mickaël Halley


  27. Loops and unreleased
    Earthquake Island

  28. Videoludic
    Andrea Castiglioni

  29. Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era
    Elastic Colors

  30. Soundtrack for the city of Tokyo
    Andrea Castiglioni

  31. Mel Jade

  32. Aether & Nostalgia
    L. Boy Jr.

  33. Sun-chewer
    Ben Zucker

  34. Flat issue
    Dave Summer

  35. The Greys
    Tape Sounds

  36. Sun Will Crackle

  37. AAVV - Yuyake Vol.1
    Various artists

  38. Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions
    Edward Sabine

  39. Landings
    Olivia Summer

  40. Rotation
    Grant Summer

  41. Marshall McLuhan

  42. Sssaaadddeee
    Machine is your friend

  43. After weed music
    Time Time Machine Machine

  44. Simply
    Olivia Summer

  45. Music made out of music
    Grant Summer

  46. Grey
    Nesoir Grey

  47. Old logos vol 1
    Surfing Charlotte


I Low You Records Tokyo, Japan

I Low You records is an independent label from Tokyo. The project aims to elevate quality music giving a voice to underground artists. Music for music lovers

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